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The LIDER program was established to increase the political and civic participation and provide leadership opportunities for Central Americans and other Latinos in California. The LIDER program brings together talented young Central Americans and other Latinos from throughout California and trains them to be new leaders so that they may have an effective role in expanding the civic and political participation of the Latino community. Participants attend an educational and leadership development workshop to gain knowledge about issues pertinent to the Latino community. Participants also partake in a legislative tour of Sacramento to discuss in part water issues, including water conservation water reliability issues. Each year, ten LIDER participants are chosen to participate as Interns in government, non-profit sector, business, and media. Finally, all participants undertake a community service project to assist Pico-Union residents.


A program designed to build the leadership skills and capacity of high school and college students might be the program for you. 


This summer program offers the following:

  • Training Workshops- Educational and leadership development workshops developed to increase knowledge about issues pertinent to the Latina/o community. The topics discussed range from "The Role and Function of Government" to "Public Speaking" to "Leadership and Organizing Skills.

  • Preparation Seminars- These weekly meetings provide supplementary activities that promote increased reading and writing skills, SAT/ACT and CAHSEE examination preparation, and special activities such as discussion groups, photography and computer technology training.

  • Internship Opportunities- Selected students from the group are invited to complete paid internships with governmental agencies, elected officials, and nonprofit organizations.  These students will gain hands on opportunities to apply leadership and organizing skills and gain valuable experience that will be useful for future job searches.

  • Community Organizing Project- Participants organize and implement a community service project that addresses community needs. This is the opportunity to put into practice what has been learned through the workshops.

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Jovenes en Accion

Jovenes en Accion/Youth in Action trains youth to advocate for higher standards of education in Pico -Union and surounding areas.  Jovenes en Accion provides a safe place where youth can express their concerns via grassroot organizing and policy advocacy campaigns utilizing media among other creative mediums.


In 2010, program participants supported the implementation of Linked Learning as well as Enrollment Campaign for Belmont and Robert F. Kennedy Zone of choice.  This was accomplished through strategic community forums, classroom presentations and canvassing, organized by youth and parents both at the specific schools and community spaces.


Additionally, three program participants attended a national march in Washington D.C. in support of the Dream Act.  On May 1st, 2010, over 100 youth marched with SALEF and other Central American organizations in support of immigration reform in downtown Los Angeles.  Throughout the year, program participants developed a sense of cultural awareness by taking part in the Central American Independence Parade, Monsenor Romero Day and other ongoing activieies.

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Jose Oliva 

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