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Defend the Children

The Salvadoran-American Leadership and Education Fund (SALEF) has partnered with the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law (CHRCL) to deliver wraparound service support needed for the children held by multiple government agencies at the direction of the Trump Administration including direct legal services and assistance to the families targeted by President Trump’s Zero Tolerance policy.


The Trump Administration’s Zero Tolerance Policy has led to the detainment of over 2,500 children, separated from their parents or guardians for an unknown amount of time.  It is the intent of SALEF and CHRCL to coordinate site visits across the United States to verify the conditions of the Flores v Sessions settlement agreement, provide legal representation as needed and then coordinate relocation to the greater Los Angeles area.

CHRCL is responsible for the verification of government conditions for unaccompanied minors and methods of legal representation - directly

related to the Flores v Sessions settlement agreement.  SALEF hopes to leverage existing municipal, county and international ties to coordinate wraparound services including direct legal services regional response for families as the need increases, including short and long term housing.


The City of Los Angeles is a city of immigrants.  It is a city that welcomes people from all over the world. Indeed, the city is home to residents from over 135 foreign countries speaking at least 185 languages spoken.  SALEF and CHRCL together have over 50 years of advocacy and grassroots experience within immigrant communities. Together, our goal is to bring hope to the children and families devastated by these policies.